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Ferne Kornfeld

Debt Restructuring

About Ferne Kornfeld

Ferne Kornfeld is a Principal and Commercial Finance Consultant at Value Capital Funding based in Palm Beach, Florida. Over the course of her career, she has amassed more than 20 years of experience within the financial services industry and possesses comprehensive knowledge of corporate finance. Ferne, along with her business partner and husband, Barry, believes in always doing what is best for the client. In the world of finance, such a philosophy can often be hard to find. 

After working within the finance industry for years, Ferne and Barry began to realize there was a gap in the market’s offerings. Companies and businesses—many of which were small businesses—were incredibly over-leveraged but seeking solutions that often led to more loans. Given the amount of money such companies already borrowed, their applications were often declined. What they realized, however, was that what these businesses were truly seeking was a way to restructure their debt, not accrue more. 

With their decades of combined experience and connections, Barry and Ferne Kornfeld began speaking to investors and lenders, creating a niche and revolutionary approach to finance and funding for businesses. Their specialty is so niche that when attending association meetings, no one else offers what they do. In their space, most competitors seek only to lend money, but not Barry and Ferne. They have gravitated away from pure lending and work almost exclusively to restructure loans so that their clients can manage their debt without taking on more debt. 

Ferne Kornfeld loves that Value Capital Funding is able to help small business owners who badly need assistance. Oftentimes, their contribution is what stands between these business owners and bankruptcy. As a small business owner herself, Ferne understands the importance mom and pop businesses have within their communities and to their families. Through rehabilitating the companies through debt restructuring, she is able to help them hire more people, continue their dream, and give more back to their communities. 

Outside of work, Ferne enjoys networking with other female business owners, cooking, and, mostly, spending time with Barry and their two sons, daughter-in-law, and cat, Bella. As a family, they enjoy traveling and have been to over 40 countries, favoring trips to Europe and the Caribbean. Barry and Ferne Kornfeld are also former season ticket holders for their favorite NBA team, the Miami Heat, and are avid concert-goers. To learn more about Ferne and debt restructuring, be sure to check out her blog for articles and insights.